How not to instruct a ski lesson…


As you all can see, this definitely isn't how to teach a ski lesson! This is more likely to make this poor child NEVER want to ski again!

This small child who has little to no skiing ability was let loose down this overly steep run and very quickly was out of control. The instructor (probably his Dad!) chases him, and simple yells “Pizza!” repeatedly, getting more agressive with each one.

Eventually the child tumbles and ski's go everywhere! Screeming and shouting start with the instructor saying a silly remark like “good job dude, you survived!” not really very promising is it?? The instructor goes for the 'high five' but its a saving grace that the child refuses to high five back!

What do you think? It's difficult to stop lessons like this happening, but this child will have been put off the mountains for live, and what's more lukcy is that he didn't bump into someone else which would have injured them both, or even worse fly off the edge of the piste! Should this instructor be alowed to teach, how can you stop cowboy lessons like this happening?

Give us your thoughts below.

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How Not to Teach a Ski Lesson…
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When it comes to teaching a kid to ski, we can all be fairly sure this guy’s doing it wrong!
How not to teach a ski lesson