Holiday Skiing in Meribel just got thrown out the window

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We cannot believe how fast the time is flying out here in Meribel. 
We have now completed week 2 of both our ski instructor course as well as our ever popular performance ski course.
Both courses run for 10 weeks and in that time our Career Break skiers will take their skiing ability right up and onto the next level. 
What do I mean by skiing at the next level? 
Well for many people, skiing is a holiday activity, treasured and enjoyed for one or maybe two weeks a year. Whilst it is fair to say that someone has being skiing ever since the age of 4, one has to ask how much of lets say the last 20-30 years was actually spent on ski's?
Only this morning I heard a smart gentleman on the chair lift exclaim that  “holiday skiing is all about getting to lunch” as nice as that may be, these are hardly the words of someone pushing themselves to the next level. 
Holiday's are inevitably and quite rightly spent with friends and family, the reality of this is that we often holiday time in the mountains, skiing with people of vastly different standards, waiting on each bend and just generally taking it easy. Holiday skiing has it's place however for the most part, only opens up 20% of your potential.
Taking your skiing to the next level, is not about simply following your slightly faster friends, who when asked how is skiing so well, simply replies “I have been skiing since I was 4.” 
In order to become a seasoned skier, linking up with likeminded fanatical skiers on either one of our 10 week Performance or Instructor courses is without doubt the way to go. Not only will you spend almost all your ski time with skiers in the same mindset as you, you will also be lead by a top level instructor on hand to breakdown the technical side of skiing helping you not only to unlock the other 80% skiing.
Back to how time flies right here in Meribel and our career breaker ski season. 
Both ski courses are full for genuine skiers, everyone is here to push their limits on the mountain, and it is already clear to see where our team of coaches have got them to in a relatively short space of time. The epic snow conditions and regular 'blue bird days' are treating us to everything that the magical 3 Valleys has to offer. The question is, will we ski it all before the season’s end? 
Evening meals are going down a storm, “more is more” seems to be the way it goes down, Army Dan took on 5th's. Compliments to the chefs could not be made much clearer than that.
The chalet is providing not just a great place to relax at the end of the day, it is also proving to be an excellent off the snow training facility. Earlier in the week we enjoyed an Avalanche Awareness talk from none other than Henry Schniewind – one of the leading experts on how to be safe in the mountains. 
Avalanches are a major factor when it comes to pushing the boundaries of skiing, Henry's talk provides a fantastic basis to have a reference point when we take the decision to ski off-piste.
Next week sees our BASI trainees start their Level 1 Award, with the strength of the group we have out here, plus their dedication and focus to the training that is on offer leaves me confident that Level 1 will be none other than a stepping stone to level 2 (completed during weeks 9 and 10 of  course).
So today is Saturday, the sun is shining, the snow is perfect and we have some friends out here from London.
Where are my holiday ski’s? We all love it really!
Have a good weekend folks

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Holiday Skiing in Meribel just got thrown out the window
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Taking your skiing to the next level requires more than a week a year with family and friends. To really call yourself a skier you need to surround yourself with other like minded skiers, plonk yourself in the centre of the world’s largest ski area with coaching from some of the world’s most qualified ski instructors. Basecamp in Meribel can sort that!