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Gap Year Ski Courses & Gap Year Snowboard Courses

A Basecamp gap year ski course or gap year snowboard course will give you memories to last a lifetime, make new lifelong friends, and is also a great chance to gain qualifications and experiences that will put your head above the crowd when it comes to your CV, which is all important in the world today.

A gap year ski season has been a popular choice over the years for the simple reason that it is the first opportunity most people will have had to be able to complete a full season in the mountains. You can take this opportunity to qualify as a ski instructor or snowboard instructor, or simply take a performance course to get up to the next level.

Basecamp have got a range of gap year ski course options in France or Canada, suitable to everyone, whether you are aspiring to become a gap year ski instructor, or simply want to dominate the piste.

Our All Mountain Gap Year course is designed specifically to offer the ultimate blend between qualifications and performance, and is the one we encourage most people to take. However if working in the snowsports industry is your ultimate goal then you will want to take a Level 1 and 2 Instructor award, and after that has been completed our course advisors will help you find a job in the mountains.

Deciding what to do on your Gap Year can feel like an overwhelming choice, there are a huge amount of opportunities out there. We will happily give you advise on our gap year ski courses, or simply some impartial advise on a gap year season. We never go on the ‘hard sell’ and maintain the ethos that if we fill our courses with people who are in the mountains with us for the right reasons we will have much happier people, run better courses and stay as market leaders! So if we don’t think our options are right for what you’re looking for we won’t be afraid to tell you.

Ordering a brochure is a good place to start, but you’ll get the most from chatting to one of our course advisors. We all know the courses like the back of our hands and will happily help you make your decision.

A Gap Year is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we’re here to make sure you are able to get the most out of it.

A once in a lifetime opportunity
Do something you’ve always wanted to do
Gain qualifications to give your CV a cutting edge
Learn to ride like a pro!
Have the best time of your life
Make lifelong friends
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