Free Ski and Snowboards for those that book an Instructor Course before the end of the month…

Basecamp are offering those that sign onto a full instructor course before the end of the month a free pair of skis or a snowboard. 

We will be giving out Salomon 24 Hour skis and a range of Signal Snowboards. Both brands are extremely friendly all over the mountain and are perfect for doing an instructor course. They offer durability through all types of terrain and will help improve your riding throughout your Basecamp course. 

Have a look at the below videos for more information on our free equipment… Sign on now and get your hands on some epic kit!

Book a Basecamp course before the end of the Month for a free pair or ski’s or snowboard
snowboard, ski instructor course
Book a full Basecamp ski or snowboard instructor course before the end of the Month, and we will give you a Free pair of Salamon ski’s or a Signal snowboard.