Doing a winter season in Banff



With the early season course in full swing over in Banff and Lake Louise and the full season program starting in just a  few weeks, Basecamp is really buzzing about being back in Canada for the winter! This collection brings together all the blogs we've written with important information you might want to know to prepare yourself for an epic season, from what the accommodation is like in town, to how to get your visa so you can come back year after year. But if there's still not enough here to sate your curiosity then why not give the team in the office a call, we never get tired of talking about life in the Canadian Rockies.

Town and the accommodation
     What is my room going to be like? Where can I wash my clothes? What's the deal with dinner? These questions and more are answered in the blog on the accommodation and town life, read it here.

The on hill program
     Weekly schedule, group sizes and exam details, this blog gives you all the information you need on Basecamp's on-hill program at Lake Louise. Find out more here.


How good do you need to be for a course?
     Skiers and boarders of all levels come out to take these courses every year and, with the quality instructors we use, every one of them will make huge improvements over the course of the season. But if you're still not sure, and need a bit of a guide as to what you should be able to comfortably ride before the winter, check out the video here.

Life as a Ski Instructor in Canada
     So you've lived in the accommodation, done all the training, passed the exams and now you're thinking of using the qualifications? Have a look at the testimonial from Sam Cooper, a 2013 Basecamp graduate who now works as a ski instructor at the Lake Louise Ski School to find out what it's like. Read his words here.


Get a Canadian Visa
     Unfortunately working in Canada for the season isn't quite as simple as it might be in Europe. But don't worry, this blog will guide you through the visa application process and that little bit of extra effort will be worthwhile once you're back out at the Lake and living the dream in the Rockies. Find out what to do here.

Tom Devereux's 10 Reasons to come to Canada
     However, if you're still not sure Banff and Lake Louise is the place for you, have a read of my personal Top 10 reasons why you have to try skiing out here at least once in this blog here.

If you've already been or are out there at the moment drop a comment on it and let's hear your view on Canada's best resort.


It's not to late to sign up for a place on our Banff courses! Give the office a call now on +44 (0)208 789 2055 to speak to an advisor.

Everything you need to know about doing a winter season in Banff with Basecamp. In this article we collect together our Banff blogs so all the information is one handy location.
Everything you need to know about doing a winter season in Banff with Basecamp. In this article we collect together our Banff writing into one handy mega blog!