Q: Who is this course best suited to?

Those looking to qualify and work in the same season or for those looking for an introduction into the instructor industry. 

Q: How good do you have to be at skiing/snowboarding before the course?

You should be able to ski/snowboard red runs confidently, and be comfortable on black runs.

Q: Is the course hard to pass?

The course isn't hard to pass. It's an entry level qualification. Participants will be assed on their abilty to perform and teach on the mountain. We get a 100% pass rate year in year out. 

Q: How likely is it that I’ll get a job?

Ususally 95%. In recent years everyone who has wanted a job has secured one. We don't like to guarantee as it's down to the individual to posses the skill and attitude that employers are looking for. 

Q: What happens if I don’t get a job afterwards?

There are plenty of other jobs available around resort so don't worry. The Lake Louise Ski/Snowboard School shall be able to put you in the right direction

Q: If I get a job for the season, where would I stay?

There are different options. There is staff accommodation available at Lake Louise. The cost is roughly $8 a day which is deducted from your wages. If you'd like to live in Banff then you will need to organise seperately. 

Q: Will I need a visa for this course?

If you wish to work following the course then yes. If you wish to just do the course and be in Canada as a tourist, then British passport holders are allowes to stay for up to 6 months, so no. 

Q: Can I upgrade my course to the Level 2 after booking?

Depending on availability, but we will do our upmost to accommodate those wishing to do this.

Q: What if I'm travelling on my own?

The majority of people will do this course as solo travellers. There is a large Basecamp community in resort, and your Resort Manager will make sure you're quickly introduced to everyone.