Cold weather, Blue Sky's and Some Awesome Skiing and Snowboarding

Hello Again,

From the title you can porobably tell that we have had another great week in Val d'Isere. It has been a cold one though, with temperatures dropping as low as -32. However the sun has shone pretty much everyday giving the guys some perfect conditions to get on the slopes and improve their skiing or snowboarding. I can't beleive how much everyone has improved since we arrived. I have been up with most of the groups this past week and their riding/skiing really has gone up to the next level. Some of the guys are hitting the big kickers in the park and the performance skiers off pistse skills have hugely improved, very impressed with everyone on the Basecamp courses. 

Last Thursday, we went to St. Foy, a near by ski resort. It really was the best day's skiing I have ever had and the smiles on the guys faces were priceless, do have a look at the video for footage and photos of the day we had. This week so far has been a busy one, with the trainne instructors focusing on their tecnhique and teaching. They have a week of shadowing next week. This is a great chance for them to shadow the best instructors in resort allowing them first hand experience of how lessons should be taught, how to control different group sizes, ability and age, and is a fundamental part of the BASI course. 

This Saturday we are having a Basecamp ski and board day, I am aiming to cover the entire Espace Killy, starting at about 9.30 and going through until 3.30. There are over 350km of piste here, perhaps it's a strecth but we will most certainly be covering all the diffferent areas. The plan is head up the Solaise, ski to Le Fornet and back down to Val d'Isere. We will then head up towards Tignes and go to Val Claret, where we take a train up to the Tignes glacier. The skiing up there is unreal and we will finish with a session in the Tignes park, before heading back to Le Follie Douce for a bit of a boogie, and then ski down to La Daille. All in all a good day in planned and photos and footage will follow.

Sadly at the weekend, we had a few guys leave, however it was so great to meet you all and I hope that whatever you are doing you are enjoying yourselves, come back to Val, we all miss you. We also had some new arrivals at the weekend who seem to be getting on very well with the group and our last guy is arriving tomorrow, in total we will have 33 in resort for the rest of the season.

We had Joe Minlthorpe's 21st on Tuesday night, which was great fun. We started off in Victors, followed by MBC and then onto Dudune. Turing 21 in Val d'Isere will always be a memorable one and what fun everyone had. 

This next week is set to warm up and we are expecting some snow at the weekend, not that we need it, but you can't complain. We are currently expeirencing the best season for 35 years…. You couldn't have chosen a better time to be here with Basecamp.

Please enjoy the photos and video,