Christmas and New Year in Val d'Isere

As we now move away from the festive period, the course start date is less than a week away, and Joe and I are in resort and beyond excited to get you all here. Christmas was amazing out here in Val, it’s the first time I’ve had a truly white Christmas, and with the snow falling, and Santa walking through town, I don’t think there would have been a single person in Val d’Isere who didn’t feel festive.

It was great to see post being delivered out here with plenty of presents inside; it makes you feel more at home until you remember that you’re in one of the most astonishing places in the world, not exactly the worst feeling you could have. A short break from Christmas and suddenly we’re faced with the might that is New Years in Val d’Isere. I think the closest word to describe it can be ‘epic’, with that potentially being an understatement on what it’s truly like to see off the New Year on the slopes.


Having dinner with your friends, setting the tone for most of Val d’Isere to head onto the main slope to count down the finish of one year, and the start of another remarkable one. It’s a special moment when you see all the super chalets around town setting off their own fire work displays, adding something a little extra to the atmosphere around town, not that it needs that little bit more anyway.

Up until now the weather has been fantastic but we’ve been craving a bit of snow fall, in the last few days, and the next week and a bit to come, we’re expecting more and more snowfall which will set you up for the course. So get your helmets ready, wax those skis and boards, get your gear packed, and get ready to go! 

See you on the slopes, 


Christmas and New Year in Val d’Isere
For the last couple of weeks Val d’Isere has been in the festive mood. With a white Christmas and an epic New Years, read about what happened out in Val d’Isere with our Basecamp team.
Christmas and New Year in Val d’Isere with Basecamp