Changes in the Westbeach UK Team

It must be something in the air? Or maybe a full moon as Westbeach UK bid a fond farewell to 2 of the UK team. Both Will Smith and Billy Morgan are moving on to further their riding careers away from the Westbeach family as we welcome Jesse Smith to the team!

Will has ridden for Westbeach since the age of 11 and when asked about the move he told us, ‘Riding for Westbeach has taken up a massive part of my snowboarding life and I will never forget all of the sick times I had on team trips and riding with the crew! It has been a rad experience and has helped me progress in my riding with the opportunities that I was given that I would not of had if I was not riding for Westbeach’.

Billy has been with Westbeach since early 2009 and tells us what his time was like on the UK team, ‘Riding for Westbeach was rad. traveling, riding and filming with the crew was filled with many rad times and memories I won't be able to forget. It showed me a whole new side of snowboarding. Riding places I wouldn't have been able to without their help allowed me to push my riding and get the experience I needed to progress. This along with being able to rock awesome outerwear made it super sick!’

It’s been amazing having Will and Billy on the team and we wish them all the best for the future! They will always be part of the Westbeach family and we will be watching like proud uncles to see how they progress!

Jesse Smith has been riding for Rome snowboards for a few years now and we have been watching from afar. His recent crazy double front flip action at Bearsden along with his just general sick riding steez has meant we thought he would fit in pretty well with our UK team. Jesse seems quite pleased with it all, though a man of few words, ‘I am super stoked and I’m looking forward to ride for a great UK team’. Well we are super stoked to have you Jesse, cheers! Check Jesse out on – mpora