Bluebird Day At Mt Ruapehu

We have had an amazing run of weather here in New Zealand, its been 9 straight days of perfect bluebird days. This has been amazing for our groups, they have been able to make the most out of some of their final days leading up to the level 2 NZSIA exam.

Screenshot 2014-09-04 19.50.01


Being an active volcano means that Mt Ruapehu has some of the most interesting terrain in the world. Thousands of years ago the whole top of the mountain blew off in a powerful eruption that left us with the most picturesque peak out there. Instead of your typical rocky peak we have a 40 degree crater lake sitting a mere 45 minute hike from the top of the high noon express lift. We made the trek last week and came back with some amazing photos.


Photo 2014-08-29, 4 47 46 PM

Check out the latest video from Turoa to check out all the action from a beautiful afternoon on the volcano.