#BCNZ Week Two

It’s been an AWESOME week in New Zealand for the #BCNZ boarders and skiers. The clouds parted and the snowy slopes were bathed in glorious sun, as bluebirds took back the once murky skies. Luckily for the group, this happened right on the cusp of a three-day weekend! So that meant one day of (responsible) powder shredding with the teachers before free reign to explore the resort was granted. While the ski instructors-in-training were keen to drill their techniques, it was hard to focus on slides whilst the conditions were so good! That said, between park trips and off-piste forays everyone still managed to fit in their drilling and practicing – ready for lessons to resume this weekend.
Wednesday was the first of a few birthdays’ on the mountain as Jimmy turned 23. It was a strange one for him since, being from the UK, July wasn’t a typical month to have much snow around! He was treated to a special mountain day – half pipe runs off the side of the Giant chair, and beers enjoyed with a spectacular view down and across the New Zealand landscape. After the fun on the mountain was had, the party moved into town and steak night at the Suitcase. It’s certainly a birthday he won’t forget for a long time! Despite a few hungover Basecampers the following morning, the conditions were once again perfect, so the crew decided to go on a little hike…however, that little hike turned into a two hour trek up Mt. Ruapehu to the summit. Sweating and exhausted the group crossed the final ridge and onto the top, where they were met with views that made the ordeal worth it and more. To one side you could see back down to the resort and into the distance to what seemed like all of New Zealand, and on the other you could see down into the Mt. Ruapehu crater. See, the mountain that the Basecampers spend their time training on for the New Zealand winter is actually an active volcano…it’s a pretty awesome thing to be able to say you’ve climbed a snow covered volcano and peered into it’s peak, let alone in mid-July!
This coming week lessons start again, and the weather looks like it’s taking a turn for the worst. Not a bad thing, as it’ll lower the temptation to stray away from the drills and practicing required to pass the exam. That said, the fun doesn’t end as the trips to the Hobbiton movie sets and the region of Taupo are being organized. This means a walk around the set from the films, bungee jumping, sky diving, hot springs and endless fun. It never stops here in #BCNZ! Keep up to date with what’s happening on the ski side via the Basecamp Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and check up the snowboarders via the Ticket to Ride Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Happy shredding!