BASI Level 2 Exam Incoming!

BASI Level 2 Exam Incoming!

With exam season now in full flow, all the weeks of training will come down to this, the big one, the finale, the BASI Level 2 exam.

Gaining the BASI level 2 qualification will allow everyone to be able to really spread their wings and work in ski resorts all over the world, with BASI Level 2 being recognised and sufficient for full time employment in places such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and select countries within Europe!

The BASI level 2 exam takes place over an intense 10 day period and is certainty a big step up from the level 1 exam, so everyone needs to ensure they stay focused on and off the snow over these coming final weeks.

During the exam the course participants are being assessed on their ability to teach beginners & intermediates (their course peers) as an Instructor within the structure of a ski school environment.

Throughout each of the 10 days of the BASI Level 2 exam runs the exam assessor will monitor each students participation and performance, they will provide ongoing information and feedback to each student on their strengths, areas for change and how to make these changes by the end of the exam as well as formulate an ongoing action plan based on the student’s participation.

This written action plan provided to each student by the assessor at the end of the exam aims to give students an agreed (between the assessor and student) account of what each students need to do to improve their performance and develop as a ski Instructor going forward. This is especially important for those who wish to take this further towards BASI Level 3+ and those who have career aspirations within the ski industry.

However BASI Level 3 is in a different league (not to mention the piste de resistance BASI Level 4 ISTD), so for now all eyes remain focused on BASI Level 2.