BASI Level 1 Exam

The BASI Level 1 Exam week is available to anyone wishing to complete the first step of a career as a snowboard instructor. The exam is 5 days long and assesses ones ability to techincally snowboard as well as teach. BASI 1 enables you to teach on the ever growing artificial slopes and snowdomes in the UK. The BASI Level 1 is perfect for anyone already in resort or for those that feel they don't need 2 weeks training prior to the exam. 

Course Features

35 Hours of Training/Assessing from a BASI Trainer
Course Manuals
BASI Associate Membership
Daily Workshops

The exam starts from £450, however, extras such as accommodation, ski passes, transfers and food can be added if necessary. 

The exam runs from Monday to Friday. Each day you will meet the BASI trainer at 9am for 3 hours coaching/assessing before an hours lunch break. The afternoon conists of a further 2 hours coaching on the mountain which is followed by a 2 hour workshop in the Dicks T-Bar. 

BASI Level 1:

Qualifies you to teach novice and early intermediates in a non-mountain environment, ie. the UK on artificial and indoor slopes. For plenty of people this is all you will need in terms of a qualification that you will use, for others it's just a one of the required stepping stones enroute to level 2 and beyond.

Who is this exam best suited to?

Anyone looking to get the best training and start instructing in a short period of time.

How good do you need to be a snowboarding before the course?

BASI recommends that you should be able to snowboard confidently coping with a variety of conditions on red runs, making rhythmical turns close to the fall line at a steady pace.

Is the exam hard to pass?

No, the course is not hard to pass. There are two components which you will be evaluated on; your snowboarding (demonstration) ability and your ability to teach the fundamentals of snowboarding. The “lower end” snowboarding (j-turns, basic turns etc.) are deomostrated to you during the course and serves as a great foundation for you to improve your snowboarding skills.

How do I get my BASI Licence? 

Basecamp provide you with the Level 1 exam. On top of this you will need to organise 35 hours of shadowing, a first aid course, a CRB check and complete the safeguarding childrens module on the BASI website. Once you have completed these requirements, you need to call BASI and upgrade to a full member. 

Can I upgrade my to the Level 2 after booking?

Absolutely, it all depends on our availability. You should chat to the Basecamp team who will run through your options.