BASI Level 1 and 2 Ski Instructor Course

Our Val d'Isere BASI Level 1 and 2 course is aimed at people who want  to enjoy all the resort has on offer, and are considering a career path in the ski instructor industry. A dedicated and intensive BASI coaching itinerary ensures that our pass rates are 100% for level 1 and 85% for level 2, and that all of our Basecampers have the best possible chance of passing the qualifications.

Course Features

225 Hours of Coaching from BASI ISTD Level 4 Instructors and Trainers
Video Analysis and Weekly Feedback Sessions
Centrally Located Accommodation
Breakfast and Dinner 5 Days a Week
All Exam Fees Included
Opportunities to teach in Italy with Interski
Oppotunity to Get a Scholorship with BASS to Train For Level 3&4
Incredible Apres Ski and Nightlife
Social Events Throughout the Season

What's Included?

For a full breakdown of the course, as well as a chance to compare the 10 week Instructor Course in Val d'Isere with our other courses check out what's included.


On the Mountain

Over the 10 week Val d’Isere course, you will receive BASI specific coaching for the duration of your programme, giving you the best chance to pass your BASI Level 1 and Level 2 Awards.

An overview of the 10 week coaching programme is as follows:

Week 1 Introduction of Val d'Isere and BASI starts – 20 Hours
Week 2 Fine tune technical skills in advance of the Level 1 – 20 Hours
Week 3 BASI Level 1 – 35 hours
Week 4 Progression & development review – 20 hours
Week 5 Moguls, steeps, freestyle and off piste sessions – 20 hours 
Week 6 Short turns and bumps – 20 hours
Week 7 Shadowing qualified instructors.
Week 8 Key skills and techniques, carving and sliding turns.- 20 hours
Week 9 BASI Level 2 Exams – Technical week – 35 hours
Week 10 BASI Level 2 Exams – Teaching Week – 35 hours

Off the mountain

You’ll be staying in centrally located appartments, have a Resort Manager to assist you through the course who’ll also organize parties and social events. We’ll head over to Tignes to watch the X-Games, and build in trips to other resorts. You’ll receive Basecamp clothing, ski gear, and also get involved in the variety of the resort events on offer.


BASI Level 1

Qualifies you to teach novice and early intermediates in a non-mountain environment, i.e. the UK on artificial and indoor slopes. For plenty of people this is all you will need in terms of a qualification that you will use, for others it's just one of the required stepping stones en-route to level 2 and beyond.

BASI Level 2

For instructors that wish to work in the mountains on a part time or peak seasonal basis. BASI level 2 skiers have a competent knowledge, ability and understanding  to safely teach alpine skiing up to and including parallel standard on marked pistes.

First Aid

As with all BASI qualification a first aid qualification is required alongside this award for it to be officially recognised and signed off by BASI. First Aid training that leads to a recognised qualification is factored in and included in the Basecamp course.


Who is this course best suited to?

This course is suited for anyone who is looking to gain all their instructor qualifications with the aim of returning season after season as a qualified instructor.

I want to dominate the piste, but don’t see myself being an instructor in the long term, is this course right for me?

All of the training on this course is focused on becoming a Level 1 and Level 2 BASI Instructor, which are great qualifications to get and a great way to get into the industry. However if you don’t see yourself ever working as a ski instructor our All Mountain Courses may be better suited, as we don’t recommend people take the qualifications if you don’t think you’ll use them as they are fairly expensive and with the coaching being focused soley on the qualifications you don’t receive as much performance coaching.

How good do you have to be at Skiing before the course?

On our Instructor courses we say that you have to be able to be comfortable skiing red runs before the start of the course. The BASI Level 1 will be in your third week, so you'll be getting assessed fairly quickly, but don't worry it's not a very technical exam.

If you would like to head out to the resort before hand in order to have a week or two's skiing and dust off the cobwebs please speak to your course advisor, as this is something we can arrange.

By doing the course am I guaranteed a qualification?

All the qualifications are assessments, so you are not guaranteed the qualification. This course's sole focus is about getting you the Level 1 and 2 qualification, so all the training you receive gears you up for the awards; aswell as being given specific programmes to work on when you’re free-skiing.

The BASI Level 2 is a very achievable award, and the progamme is designed to walk you through it, however it does require a level of commitment from you and you need to be prepared to focus hard on achieving the qualification.
Our pass rate is 85%

How do I get my BASI Licence? 

Baseamp provide you with 140 hours of training, your Level 1 and 2 exam, first aid course, CRB check and make you an associate memeber of BASI. Having done these you will need to complete the Safeguarding Children Module on the BASI website for a cost of £25 and then call the BASI office and pay £20 to become a full BASI Memeber and get yor licence. 

What if I'm travelling on my own?

The majority of people will do this course as solo travellers. There is a large Basecamp community in resort, a good vibe in the chalet, and your Resort Manager will make sure you're quickly introduced to everyone.

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Travel Insurance

Insurance is compulsory on all Basecamp courses and as all payments are non-refundable we recommend you take out insurance before the time of the first invoice. Basecamp recommends World Nomads insurance, the details of which are available on request. Though recommended by us for its comprehensive nature it does not cover every eventuality and you should be happy with the policy yourselves – please make sure you read and understand the policy details thoroughly before purchasing. We would also emphasise the insurance policy is a personal arrangement between you and the insurer.

Please make sure you have read and fully understand the policy before the start of he course. If you wish to arrange your own insurance Basecamp will require proof of cover, and full details before you start the course. Any such cover must be no less favourable than World Nomads policy.




Deals on flights are best found by booking early, so if you have booked your course early then you are more likely to get a cheaper fare. You will need to arrive in Geneva on the start day of your course where we will meet you at the aiport and transfer you over to Val d'Isere.

Where to buy a flight?

We reccommend STA Travel. STA (Student Travel Association) are great at finding good deals on flights, round the world trips and much more. They offer flexibility with changing flights and will be able to offer you support whilst you are away. Please see below for contact details of the STA Basecamp Travel Agent:

Claire Purvis
Tel – +44 (0)1618 308758
Email – 


Expedia and Opodo are always places to look for cheap flight options. Whilst they may come in cheaper than STA they may not offer as much flexibility on changing flights/destinations. However if you are set on arriving and departing on set dates have a look at either website.



With a flight time of only 1hr30 minutes from London to Geneva, another option is to book a flight with a budget airline:



What happens if I want to stay out in resort longer?

We reccommend that you buy a return flight for the finish date of your course and then you can change it whilst in Val d'Isere for a smaller fee than buying two singles if needs be. Please check the flight change flexibility options before you purchase your flight.


Transfers are provided on all courses strictly on the arrival and departure dates only. Please make sure you are in Geneva by 2pm so we can pick you up at the airport. Getting a direct flight that leaves anytime after 9am will be fine.


Arriving in Resort

Transfers are included on our Courses, to resort on the start day of the course, a Basecamp representative will be at the information desk in the arrival hall with a Basecamp sign and a Basecamp jacket. Please see travel details above.
If you are arriving before the course starts then we can arrange for you to pick up your ski pass. We will try and help you best we can to settle in but we are unable to offer full support in resort as we are concentrating on preparing for the course. Please make sure we have all your details particularly your photo and date of birth as these can cause delays.
Please submit the travel information Rider information sheet as soon as possible. It is very important to make sure that your details on the form are correct, as this is the information upon which we base our transfer itineraries, etc.
Depending on timings (whether flights are delayed etc) there will be a short social drinks in the evening of the first day of the course. Most courses will start the next day with an introductory talk after breakfast from our Ski Director and Resort Manager. We will also make sure that each person is fully equipped with lift pass and ski or snowboard equipment so that you can head up the mountain for a couple of hours practise that afternoon if you wish.

Coaching will begin early on the first or second morning of the Course or Camp and there will be various events planned during that first week where you will have a chance to get to know your way around the resort and meet everyone on the course. Please be patient as we settle everyone into the resort over the first few days and weeks – there will be people from all across the world, with very different needs and requirements and we will do our best to help everyone get the most out of the course as quickly as possible.


Accommodation Deposit

We will need to take an accommodation damage deposit before you arrive in Val d'Isere. We will be in touch with the finer details before you leave. The damage deposit will be £250. This is refundable at the end of the season once inventories have been completed. It can take between 4-6 weeks to finalise everything, however we will do our upmost to have it finalised as soon as possible.

Kit List

Below is a brief list of some essentials we advise you to bring but please try and keep your packing to a minimum as much as possible – you will value the additional space, less clutter and it will leave room for the inevitable in-resort purchases! Please also be aware that many airlines now have quite strict regulations in place regarding excess baggage. We very strongly recommend you check these before you fly – excess baggage fees have risen substantially, particularly on budget airlines.


Comfortable indoor shoes
Walking boots or tough trainers

Casual Clothes

Wash bag

Ski / Snowboard Clothing

Ski/Snowboard Jacket & Pants
Neck Warmer/ Face Protector
Sun Tan Cream

Other things to bear in mind

Small Notepad to fit in Coat Pocket & Retractable Pencil (Pens will freeze)
Plug Adaptor
Mobile Phone – internationalise. See client FAQs.
Camera – plus chargers, etc.
Lots of clients choose to bring laptops but we don’t recommend travelling with many valuables.

Pre Season Information Pack

We will be sending you a pre season information pack nearer the time of the start of your course. If you have any questions in the meantime please just let us know.