BASI 1/BASI Level 2 FAQ's

Q: Is the course hard to pass?

The level 1 isn't hard to pass. It's an entry level qualification. Participants will be assed on their abilty to perform and teach on the mountain. We get a 100% pass rate year in year out. The Level 2 in a big step up from the Level 1, however the training you recieve prior to the exam puts you in an excellent position to pass. The 2012/13 season boats a 90% pass rate on level 2 in Meribel.

Q: How likely is it that I’ll get a job?

In Italy, there is a chance to gain employment, it's not guarateed, however year in year out we usually see 5-10 people teaching with them for a few weeks in April. There are BASI 3 Scholarships available through our coaching partners BASS, these also aren't gaurateed but successeful candidates will be picked by our instructors. 

Q: What if I'm travelling on my own?

The majority of people will do this course as solo travellers. There is a large Basecamp community in resort, and your Resort Manager will make sure you're quickly introduced to everyone.