Basecamp head 'Down Under….' to meet the aussies!

I have over 30 straight hours of travel directly in front of me but I am still excited! By about 4:30am on friday morning that should be me sitting in the A380 ready to land in Sydney.

I am heading over to Australia to say 'hello/G'day' to the Aussies, who over the past few seasons have made it clear that they love Skiing and Snowboarding and keep getting in touch. I am out there for 3 weeks with a schedule that will allow me to rub shoulders with anyone and everyone who is keen to spend time in the mountains. I have a pretty busy schedule that has been planned around my visits to Australia's Snow Expo's in Melbourne 20th May and Sydney 27th May (

From the 18th-21st May I will be in Melbourne, but other than that I will relaxing by the Opera house, checking out Sydneys beaches and sipping a few VB's trying to meet as many skiers and snowboarders as possible!

I am not going to lie a 24 hour flight, with only a 1 hour stop, is not ideal. But being a bit of an aviation geek, the fact that I am on the new A380 makes it that bit better. I wonder how many films I will get through? And, will the leg room be good for someone that sometimes carries the nickname 'Gigantor'! (I am only 6ft 4in)?

If anyone in Australia is reading this and wants to get in touch, drop me an email, [email protected], and we can make a plan to meet.

Right, time to rustle my last few bits and bobs together, check my surfboards are well packed and head to Heathrow terminal 3.

Bye bye!