Banff Instructor course. POW POW POW!!

week 5 blog.jpg
So the level 1 exam is behind us and the groups are back into their regular training. Everyone worked extremely hard leading up to the exams so mother nature decided to reward everyone post exam with a silly amount of POW!! Its been snowing non stop for the last week and it does not look like there are any signs of it stopping.
All this new snow meant that we could (finally) open up a lot of the back bowls at Lake Louise. The entire upper alpine on the backside is double black, steep terrain full of lots of hits, drops and chutes. With the help of the trainers and the soft snow, the groups spent some time in this terrain when the visibility was good. Lots of snow does mean minimal visibility so the majority of our time this week was spent flying through the trees.
On the weekend we took the group out for a little crack at ice skating/pond hocky. We have an ice rink directly across the street from the Basecamp building so its probably going to become a regular occurrence.
In this weeks video you get to ride along for some POV footage of some of our Pow laps through the forest. Enjoy!

Piles of Pow for our guys in the 5th week of the Banff 11 week instructor program