Banff Arrivals January 2013

Today marks the start of the Janaury – March Banff season, and we're proud to announce the largest Basecamp training programme in the Lake Louise ski area. All of our trainee instructors have recently arrived and are driving over on the coach as we speak.

We've got a welcome meal prepared to be followed with some drinks in town, then it's a quiet day tomorrow to let everyone settle from jet lag, and sort out their equipment and generally get ready for the season ahead!

We're all hitting the slopes on Sunday, and the first day of training starts on Monday.

The conditions today were absolutely stunning, there was up to 35cm of snow on Wednesday and with a clear sky today the temperatures were low and hte snow pristine!

Myself, Andrew and Tom have been making sure that all the runs in Lake Louise are in top order, and we'rea happy to report that they are!

Keep your eyes on this blog, we'll be uploading two a week one video and one general update.

All the best,

Linley, Tom and Andrew