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If you're thinking of heading out to Banff for the winter you probably want to know where you're staying and what the town is like to live in. We have a couple of different accommodation options available for your stay. The majority of Basecampers will be in the Arrow Motel which is an annex, just next door to the Ptarmigan Inn and is located right on the main high street of the town of Banff. A private room in the Ptarmigan itself is the other option, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team in the office if you're interested in this. 
Arrow Motel
The Arrow is a new addition to our accommodation this year and has been put aside specially for Basecamp. We have the two floors to ourselves which makes it the hub of our life in Banff. Featuring twin rooms and a kitchen/lounge area on each floor there is plenty of space to relax and hang out at the end of a long day's riding…or possibly to prepare yourself before a long night out. Right in the centre of town the Arrow gives you amazing views to Cascade and Rundle mountain, as well as being just across the road from the high school where, during winter, the sports field is converted into a huge free ice skating rink. 

Even though we're able to stay self contained and separate from the main hotel Basecampers are able to make full use of the Ptarmigan's facilities: hot tubs, steam room, sauna and of course, breakfast! The Ptarmigan also provides free Wi-Fi from Banff Lodging Co. which will work in most of the places in town that your meal cards are valid, so feel free to bring your laptop or tablet and keep friends and family back home updated with your epic time in the mountains.
Food and Restaurants
When you arrive in Banff and check into your room you will be issued with a Basecamp food card with your name and room number on it. This card is valid at six different restaurants around town so you can have something different each day of the week, from steak and ribs at Wild Bills to pizza and pasta at The Meatball. You have an allowance of $20 dollars per day and each place usually has its own offers or discounts available. All you do is show the card at the start of your dinner then sign the receipt to your room at the end.  Just make sure you remember to tip!

Town and Nightlife
The Ptarmigan Inn is right on Banff Avenue, the main high street through town so it’s only a two minute walk up to all the shops, restaurants and facilities Banff provides.

Just one block away is the mall where you will find the local laundrette that provides the most cost effective way of keeping all those ski socks clean. There are plenty of bars in centre of town so there is always a cheap night or a live event on somewhere. Places like the Rose & Crown and Wild Bills rotate their music acts every few days so no matter what your tastes, there’s always something to go and see. For a more chilled out evening The Paddock is a great place to shoot some pool, and with a quiz night each week it always proves a Basecamp favourite. But if you're looking for something with more dancing, Hoodoo's and Aurora's are open late and each Basecamper will get a VIP card giving them cheaper entry and drinks deals. 
Travel to the mountain
The bus up to the hill leaves each morning from right outside the front of the Ptarmigan so, once you’ve popped in for your full cooked breakfast each day, all you have to do is wait in the lobby with your gear till the coach arrives. Your skis and boards will go underneath in the luggage hold so you have plenty of space on board to get comfortable for the beautiful drive through Banff National Park up to Lake Louise. The ride back is the perfect opportunity to catch a few winks of sleep so that by the time you're dropped off back at your front door you're refreshed and ready to head into town for dinner and a band, or a quiz, or bingo, or the even big hockey game on TV. No matter what you're after Banff has something for you and that helps make it one of the best place you could hope to do a season. 

For more information on the course out in Canada, make sure to check out the Banff Mega Blog which collects everything you need to know in one handy place.

For more information on our courses in Banff, please don't hesitate to give our team a ring on +44 (0) 208 789 9055, or check out the Banff page on our website.

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