Banff 4 Week course, week one wrap up.

Epic snow conditions have made the first week of the Banff 4 week course unforgettable, Lake Louise has only been opened for one week but they have an amazing amount of terrain opened. We currently have 4 chairs open which allows us to access both the frontside and backside bowls which both have great coverage for this time of year.  The Grizzly gondola is set to open tomorrow and with another big dump of snow forecast for next week the rest of the mountain wont be very far off.
         The groups have finished their first week of on snow training and thanks to the trainers at Lake Louise you can already see improvements in their riding. Monday-Thursday everyone partakes in the group training and then on Fridays everyone gets a one on one session with their trainer to really make sure they have the skills of the week dialed in.
         Dinner is included 5 nights a week in the course so everyone has been checking out some of Banff’s best restaurants after a hard day skiing. Tonight our French Basecampers, Nicholas, Renaud and Kevin are cooking up a traditional French feast for the crew, lets see if they can do their country proud.
         Thursday night I took everyone out for a round of bingo at the legion in town. Before we went everyone was a bit skeptical as to why I was bringing them to such an elderly activity but after a few rounds everyone was loving it! Bingo in Banff attracts a very young crowd; cheap beer and cash prizes might have something to do with this. Everyone left stoked and lots of the crew and our man Olly even managed to walk away A little bit richer.