Banff 2014, Sunshine and good times.

The amazing weather just has not stopped here in Banff and its definitely brought out the best in everyone. The groups had spend a lot of time lately focused on the upcoming level 2 exam so the ski trainers decided to give the guys a break for an afternoon and everyone skied around as one big party pose. Check out the video for some of the shenanigans that followed.

On the snowboard side of things we have broken down into two groups so the guys get the best possible training for their level 2. Of course we had a blast ripping around as well, doing laps of the back bowls, the park and the boarder cross course (we probably have more fun than the skiers)
The sunny weather makes it super easy to finish off a good day of training at the kokanee cabin with a nice cold pint or the Canadian classic  a “Cesar”. This one is an acquired taste and you either love then or hate them. Its clamato Juice(clam and Tomato) Worchester, tobacco, salt/pepper a dash of lime and either vodka or gin (or tequila if you really like to party) top it off with a stick of celery, asparagus or a piece of bacon and your on your way! 

We also had the famous Blue Ball this week, hosted by our friends at Soul Ski and Bike and the Dancing Sasquatch. Its one of the best instructor/gap year parties of the season and its not one your going to forget anytime soon, no matter how hard you tried! Dress up in your best blue fancy dress and unwind with all the ski trainers and students from all the ski schools and different gap programs!

An amazing week of sunshine brought out the best in the group here in Canada. Lots of skiing in the beautiful weather plus the (in)famous Blue Ball Party.