Banff 2010 Week 9

Banff 2010 week 9.jpg

This week was taken over almost entirely by practice teaching. Hard Nights of revision was the order of the day. The fact that the revision was done at the bar proved that all had the correct out look to become a top instructor!

The week ended with the battles of battle. Skiers vs Boarders vs Instructors. The Game Bingo Bowling. In the shadows of the Banff Fairmont Springs hotel, battle commenced. It was a tight game, with the Instructors and the Boarders taking an early lead against the Skiers.
The Skiers battled on to close the gap as the final whistle drew close. But it ended as a draw between the Boarders and the Instructors, neither winning and neither losing as both teams still missed one number that afterwards we all agreed was impossible!