Banff 2010 Week 1

Banff 2010 week 1.jpg
Everyone arrived safely into Banff this week. Some long journeys where had, prize goes to Chris who almost wasn’t allowed into the country! Safely installed into the Ptarmigan hotel, everyone had a good night sleep. 


Wednesday Dave M, Matt and Jamie went equipment shopping, for skis and / or boots. While we were shopping the rest of the crew went up to the hill to get their legs back ready for tomorrow. We all went to The Elk and Oarsman for dinner. Andrew Manual (SB instructor) and James Keeling (ski instrustor) joined us to spread their wisdom.

Thursday was an early (ish) start for everyone. Meeting on the snow we meet John and Elliot who would be taking the boarders and skiers respectively. We ended the first day in the Powder Keg for a beer and to discuss the days snow.

Friday started where Thursday left off continuing to introduce to Lake Louise’s terrain.