Andrew Manuel – Banff Resort Manager

Andrew Manuel
Sponsored Rider, Level 3 Snowboard Coach, and Basecamp’s Banff Resort Manager
Andrew Manuel Profile.jpg
Nationality: Canadian
Basecamp Job Title: Banff Resort Manager
Where's home? Banff in the Winter, New Zealand in the Summer
Ski Qualifications: CASI Level 3 and an Examiner for Level 1 and 2 Park Courses

Growing up in Canada meant that Andrew Got hooked on snowsports at a very young age however living on the East coast means limited access to quality terrain. So it was only natural that Andrew packed up and moved to Banff in 2006 to work at the Lake Louise Snow School. Since he has been at Lake Louise he has climbed the ranks to become one of their instructor trainers and stacked up his list of Qualifications.

He has achieved his CASI level 3 and is an Examiner for the Level 1, 2 and Park courses as well as his level 3 coach and level 1 coach Examiner certifications. Andrew has been doing back to back winters all over the southern hemisphere and is currently the Head coach For Ruapehu Snow sports competitive snowboard program in New Zealand, where he helps some of the countries aspiring athletes reach their goals. All this time on snow has given Andrew a wealth of knowledge to pass on to the course participants to help them make the most out of a snowsports career.

Don’t think he is all about business though, spending the last 6 years in Snow towns across the globe means that Andrew has also learned a thing or two about having a good time! Making sure that everyone has a blast during their course is very high on his priority list so rest assured he will share his good times knowledge with you as well.

An awesome snowboarder with a huge passion and energy for the sport which he shares with all of our Riders, and Skiiers alike. There is no one better suited to be running the Basecamp operations in Banff, making sure that each and every one will have the time of their lives.