10 of the best skiers to follow on Instagram

10 of our favourite Instagram accounts from some of the world’s best skiers.

Instagram is possibly our favourite social network, we spend a lot of time on it and we get a lot of inspiration from it. Naturally, we spend a lot of time looking at cool skiing pics, mountains and people’s faces. This list isn’t a definitive best skiers list but a list of skiers that stimulate the ski receptors in our brains.

1. J P Auclair

Skiing legend Auclair takes on the world and shares it through Instagram, he posts photos of everything he takes on but it is his picture from the top of the world that make us feel that we have more to achieve. Follow this account for epic scenery, vertigo inducing mountain shots and all round mountain action.

2. Emily Sarsfield

British ski cross athlete, Winter Olympian and Méribel resident Emily Sarsfield is constantly on the go either travelling the world, working out or on the slopes. Follow this account if you want to be shamed into getting fit, not doing enough with your time or think you have achieved your best as a skier.

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3. Candide Thovex

Candide is synonymous with experimenting and innovation on skis. If its hasn’t been done then he is working on it. His account isn’t all clichéd steep lines and big tricks, check out the “Tractor Gap” below. Follow this account if you want to see how far skiing can be taken and then be picked up a taken further than you thought possible.

Tractor gap @audi

A video posted by Candide Thovex (@candidethovex) on

4. Katie Summerhayes

Katie maybe one of the UK’s biggest freestyle talent on skis but you wouldn’t know it from her Instagram. Sure there are endless shots of her pulling some serious air in the park and there are loads of jealously inspiring travel pics, but they all seem to come from a grounded place. It’s like a normal instagram account but with a shed load of ski pics. Follow this account to find out what it would be like if you were this good at skiing.

5. James Woods

From Sheffield to international superstar. Woodsy travels the world competing and training and if he isn’t in the park then he is in the sea. If you wanted one life then his could well be it. You know some peoples Instagram feels like they just post pics to make it seem like they do cool stuff, well you believe it with his. Oh and he gets naked a lot. Follow this account if you want to see Woodsy’s naked torso and basically feel jealous.

6. Nick Moynihan

Nick is British and a Downhill Skier.He is in the GB Alpine Team, trains hard and skis hard. in 2016 his doctor told him about a heart condition that may affect his skiing, it hasn’t stopped him. Follow this account if you want to justify that decision to not become a ski racer.

7. Angel Collinson

Angel literally grew up in a ski resort and her approach to skiing really reflects this and so does her IG feed. A regular on the Freeride world tour Angel has a deep respect for the mountains, but unlike many of her contemporaries she has a really cheeky sens of humour. Follow this account if you like dramatic steep mountain face shot interspersed with tongue in cheek selfies.

8. Aksel Lund Svindal

We have just scrolled through the two times World Cup champion and Olympic gold medallists feed for the fourth time today and feel sick every-time. His Instagram will show you what the rewards are for being one of the best in the world and that reward is a playboy lifestyle. When he isn’t posting pics of himself skiing very fast or carving like you think you can. He is posting about epic back-country adventures, driving fast cars, driving fast boats and hanging out with other top sports stars. Follow this account if you should have tried harder in ski school or like expensive shiny things. Also worth noting that Svindal also has a great partnership with HEAD skis.

9. Anders Fannemel

It can’t all be powder and parks. There are other people on skis, just like Fannemel who has really long skis and holds the world ski jump record. It’s 251.5 meters if you wondered. For some reason ski jumping just isn’t cool in the UK, but in the rest of the world these guys are heroes. Dip into his feed and you will discover just how mental, cool and scary ski jumping is. Follow this feed if you think ski jumping is mainly Eddy the Eagle and minor celebrities hurting themselves.

Planica was fun✌️ Thanks for a great season!

A photo posted by Anders Fannemel (@andersfannemel) on

10. Millie Knight

At the age of 6 Millie lost her sight then at the age of 15 Millie competed in the 2014 Winter Paralympics coming 5th in the Slalom and Giant Slalom events. Her goal is to go to the 2018 Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang where she stands a good chance of getting a medal. Her Instagram is all about her getting there. Follow this account for an insight in what it takes to be a winning athlete.

@b_wild_2k7 and myself during slalom training this morning. Photo by #Zancam @zanzanski #navyfit #fullmarks A photo posted by Millie Knight (@knight_millie) on

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